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What is Academic Window?

Academic Window is an effective preventive counseling platform where school counselors, teachers, students and parents find what they need to be successful in school counseling and promotes self-motivation. With this tool students can do better socially, emotionally and academically. It uses methodologies that have been continuously developed by academia since 1997.

Academic Window is a web-based, student-centered program that provides a preventive form of counseling with follow-up. Its content design and technological platform permit confidential collaboration among students, counselors, and teachers with the goal of improving students’ personal growth and academic performance. It integrates the SWOT model (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to help students become more self-aware and to learn how they are perceived by their peers and teachers.


Academic Window offers special web-based student-centered counseling programs for school counselors and teachers. It provides an online collaborative learning environment for students, teachers, counselors, and parents. This environment produces effective results for students’ social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Second, Academic Window integrates the SWOT model (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to help students become more self-aware and learn how they are perceived by their peers and teachers. read more


Academic Window uses cognitive development theory, social comparison theory, self-regulation theory, self-determination theory and positive psychological approaches in its solutions and practices.

The three steps of positive psychology; measuring, classifying and applying interventions, are used in all processes. The first two steps are done at the beginning, producing interventions that play a preventive role for potential future problems. read more


Applications offered by Academic Window motivate students to think about their own behavior. Most of the results are offered comparatively and confidentially, so students can work towards developing self-awareness and consciousness. It provides them with the tools to do better in life.

Students are presented with graphs that show how they are perceived by their classmates and teachers. This allows them to develop the self-awareness and consciousness they need to regulate their actions. read more

Effective Preventive School Counseling could provide your students better life and success

Many school counselors and teachers prefer to use effective preventive school counseling all over the world

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Why a school needs Academic Window

  • Collaborative Learning Environment

    Academic Window offers students an online social comparison system to improve their self- awareness and consciousness. This online environment also emphasizes mutual evaluation and contribution. Through positive or negative feedback of students’ performance, this web-based student- centered learning environment may improve their self-awareness and consciousness.

  • Behavioral Follow up System

    In addition to attendance scores, schools can benefit from the behavioral follow-up system provided by Academic Window. It helps students to develop their self-regulation so they can be more successful during the semester. It also provides a tool for teachers to be more conscious of their students’ situations, and therefore to be more productive in classes.

    In the behavioral follow-up system, students automatically view their graphs to see their real situations comparatively and confidentially. This allows them to follow the development of their behavior and performance. Regarding this goal, Academic Window uses universal and general moral values such as being ethical, responsible, studious, etc.

  • Effective Preventive Counseling

    Applying effective preventive counseling in schools is a long process and requires systematic follow- up for social and emotional development and academic success. Academic Window has been developed to produce its own solutions by combining theories and applications in practice. Academic Window opens new opportunities for communication and allows students to share their results with their teachers and counselors, while respecting the ethical rules of the American Counseling Association (ACA). This allows students not only to overcome psychological problems, but also improve relationships with their teachers and counselors.

    In practice, Academic Window uses Self Determination Theory because of the importance of basic psychological needs. Consistent self-development depends on how much students’ psychological needs are addressed by parents and teachers. In this respect, Academic Window produces solutions by analyzing and comparing levels of basic psychological needs with performed behavior.

Schools all over the world choose Academic Window to use effective preventive counseling

  • Metis Montessori Lyceum - Netherland
  • Ahlcon International School - India
  • Brooklyn Amity School - USA
  • Nile Academy - Canada
  • Horizon International Bilingual School - Vietnam

Self-awareness and Motivation tool represents a significant advance in self-assessment, and will be of great use to career counselors, who can use the tool to improve their clients’ self-awareness.

Daniel Bernstein, PhD
Canada Research Chair in Lifespan Cognition

Applications’ results have important implications for school counseling applications in guiding interventions to improve for students’ social and emotional development.

Bulent Turan, Professor
University of Alabama, Birmingham

I believe that Self-Awareness and Motivation scale developed by Academic Window is a significant contribution in the field that can help educationalists, counselors and social scientist better understand the concept of self-awareness and self-concept among students.

Amrita Kaur, PhD, Senior Lecturer
Universiti Utara Malaysia

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Before and during the application process, Academic Window train counselors and teachers about how to apply academic window. there are also some training programs for students before the application and during the applications. For students applications are done in or out of class. read more


There are e few certificate programs. Geting some of them, there are applicational requirements. In schools where Academic Window is being applied, then teachers, counselors get easily. If not, it should be attended online courses. see certificates


Each student, class, teacher, parent has different reports which gives details about relations, applications etc. confidentially. For example, students gets his/her reports in detail. Nobody can see it but s/he can share his her graphs by the teachers who enter his/ her class. read more