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Preventative Counseling Certification Program

This is an invitation to you to participate in our effective program. We focus on increasing student success and addressing mental health issues.

Program Overview

Personal Benefits for Teachers & Students

Our primary goal is to increase teachers' competence and awareness of recognizing and developing students' strengths.

Positive Character Traits Increase

Students will be able to pursue healthy and productive interests.

Academical & Motivational Growth

Students will make a positive difference in school and society.

Positive Psychology Approach

Students will cope with any mental health issues they may be facing.

Teachers' Benefits

Certification Program for Every Teachers

Students' Strengths

The opportunity to learn how to help students reveal and internalize their strengths

Creating A Positive Atmosphere

Be able to offer Mentor Assistant training programs in schools

Data Analysis Ability

To understand their students' core problems and produce effective solutions

Positive Psychology

Learn how to apply positive psychological approaches to both their students and themselves

Counselors' Benefits

Our Training's also Designed for Counselors

Students' Punctuality

The improvements in time management for all students in the schools

Student-Teacher Relationships

The ability to suggest changes for all teachers on how they can connect with each student

Data Analysis Ability

To understand all students’ core problems and encourage teachers to apply appropriate personalized interventions for each student.

Teachers Follow Up

Learn to conduct interventions for each student, as well as gather objective and accurate information about students


Meet Our Teachers and Trainers

We motivate school counselors, students and their classmates, teachers, and parents to collaborate together.

Hasan Ugur, Ph.D.

Hasan Ugur, Ph.D.


President at Academic Window LLC, Preventive School Counseling Services, SEL

About Hasan Ugur, Ph.D.

Dr. Ugur is a distinguished professor and the founder ofthe Faculty of Education and Counseling Department at Fatih University inTurkey. He earned a PhD in Counseling and a master's degree in Sociology andhas dedicated his career to comprehending and resolving students' problems andtheir motivation. In pursuit of this goal, he has extensively researchedPositive Psychology and Self-determination theory, Bloom’s Taxonomy and someother theories, and has combined these approaches to develop his own uniquemethodology.

Dr. Ugur has made significant contributions to the fieldof school counseling through the development of his innovative PreventiveSchool Counseling Program, which has been implemented in several countriesaround the world. He has also published numerous articles in scientificjournals and presented his research at conferences across the globe.

In 2009, Dr. Ugur spent a year as a visiting professor atthe University of Northern Iowa, further expanding his knowledge and experiencein the field of education. In 2017, he founded Academic Window, LLC, whichprovides preventive counseling services to middle and high schools worldwide.

Dr.Ugur got his green card in the U.S. through the National Interest Waiver (NIW)with the Preventive school counseling studies and he has received recognitionfor his outstanding contributions to the field of education and counseling.With his extensive experience and passion for helping students, he continues toimpact the lives of countless students, teachers, parents and individualsworldwide positively

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Stacey Guthrie, Ed.D.

Stacey Guthrie, Ed.D.


Private Practice/Core Faculty, School Counseling at Capella University

About Stacey Guthrie, Ed.D.

My name is Dr. Stacey Guthrie and I am excited to be partof this learning community. As a child, I wanted to be a teacher. I began myeducational journey starting out with an AA in Psychology from Louisiana Tech.I received my BA in Elementary Education from Carson Newman University, inJefferson City, Tennessee.

While teaching 5th grade, I saw my studentscoming to school with so many concerns; it was difficult to address academicissues. I believe a teacher must reach all of a student; academic, physical,social, and emotional. I decided to go back to school for my MA in SchoolCounseling, also from Carson Newman. Upon graduating, a school counselingposition became available, and I felt it was a clear sign of where I was meantto be. I was in this position for 17 years with 22 years total in an elementaryschool and know I made the right decision.

I furthered my education by getting my EdS in CounselingLeadership from East Tennessee State University. I had many interns learninghow to become a school counselor under my supervision and was encouraged topursue a doctorate. I feel like there is always more to learn, so received myEdD in Counselor, Education, and Supervision from Argosy University inNashville, Tennessee in 2014.

Since then, I received licensure (LPC/MHSP) to counseland see clients who struggle with various concerns in my small privatepractice. I sometimes serve as an adjunct at Carson Newman University andLindsey Wilson College as needed. I resigned from my position as the K-5 schoolcounselor to pursue working at Capella University full time as Core Faculty inthe School Counseling Department. I am also the Program Coordinator in theSchool Counseling Department at Capella University in the School of Social andBehavioral Sciences. I know how challenging and hectic life can be so I bringmy love of learning, my sense of humor, past experiences as an adult learner,along with my passion to educate to my future learners of all ages.

Hamide Eygoren, MAPP

Hamide Eygoren, MAPP


Positive psychology practitioner, MAPP

About Hamide Eygoren, MAPP

Hamide is a positive psychology practitioner and consultant working with youth and young adults, helping them discover their inner strengths and authentic selves. She worked in the nonprofit sector for over a decade in youth mentoring and diversity &inclusion fields.

Hamide received her BA from Pennsylvania State University with Sociology and Psychology combined major. She received her applied positive psychology master’s training from the founder of the field, Dr. Martin Seligman, at the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked in the life coaching sector for three years. She created her coaching and consulting business, MindFlex Coaching, last year. She is a military spouse and a mother of 3 children. Currently, she lives in an Army base in Germany with her family.

Reese Fisher, Teacher/Trainer

Reese Fisher, Teacher/Trainer


AP Literature and Composition Teacher. Assistant Boys Soccer Coach

About Reese Fisher, Teacher/Trainer

With four years of teaching experience, B. Reese Fisher is an AP Literature and Composition Teacher, English Language Arts Teacher, and a TOEFL Certified Instructor. He resides as an educational leader within the English Department, as well as a proficient public speaker at Bergen Arts Sciences Charter School. As a teacher Reese continually produces effective lessons for his students to learn and practice skills, learn and demonstrate a rigorous understanding of content, and ultimately apply these skills and knowledge to create projects that relate to students’ developing lives and the evolving world. As an active leader within the BASCS community, Reese also prepares and motivates student athletes outside of the classroom as a coach. For the past two years he has applied his athletic experience and knowledge in the roles of Assistant Boys’ Soccer Coach as well as Assistant Girls Basketball Coach.

Before teaching in the United States, Reese taught English as a Foreign Language in Taiwan with Hess International Education Group. In this role, through which he gained his TOEFL Certification, he differentiated instruction for students at multiple levels in a physically active and mentally engaging setting. He used storytelling as a vehicle to develop students’ writing, reading, and oral proficiency.

Reese earned his Bachelor of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Arts in Education with a Minor in Communication from Juniata College in 2016. During his four years at Juniata College he was given the ‘Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges’ Award, competed in The Bailey Oratorical Public Speaking Competition, played varsity soccer for four years followed by captaining the team his senior season, and was elected and served as 2016 Senior Class President. Through excelling in varsity soccer he won the ‘Athlete who plays with Extreme Passion and Heart.’ This award best demonstrates Reese’s unending devotion to the multifaceted positions he currently holds, and will hold within any organization.

Training Topics

The Topics Preview

Our training is designed for school counselors and teachers which includes theories and practices below.

Introduction – Mentoring

Positive Psychology

Cognitive Development Theory

Social Comparison Theory

Self-Determination     Theory

Self-Esteem Theory

Objective Self-Awareness Theory

Bloom’s Taxonomy – Positive Psychology

Self-Regulation Theory

Evaluation – Certificate Program

Self-Regulation     Theory

Evaluation – Certificate Program

Leverage Your Data For Academic Success

Improve your students outcomes and monitor their development better with Academic Window.