3-Year Service Packages for Schools/Districts

This is an open invitation to collaborate on a project addressing both overcoming mental health issues and improving student success.


We Help Educators Discover Student Strengths.

This package program is designed to implement all the functions and services of the Preventative School Counseling Program gradually to all students and teachers in schools and districts over a three-year period.

Specific Personalized Approaches

Produce and achieve long-term solutions

Improving Students’ Self-awareness

By the use of strength-based positive psychology

Our Goals

To Recognize and Develop Students’ Strengths

We help students to develop meaningful purpose and healthy living habits, and to spread these same characteristics to more students while enhancing school spirit and community in the process.

A Positive Difference in School & Society

Students can grow motivationally and character-wise for the future while passionately pursuing healthy and productive interests

Influence The Next Generations

We Build a strong peer mentoring support program and encourage students to learn positive psychology and positive behavioral development approaches.

Community Advantages

Our 3-year program allows students to take ownership in the process and to serve as peer leaders throughout their community.

The Butterfly Effect Concept

This essentially allows positive psychology to spread as more students are trained and become aware members of our program.


Interested in This Opportunity?

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Training for Teachers
Follow-up Procedures
Surveys & Reports
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program snapshot

Each year includes three steps below:

Diagnostic Applications

One month of training, surveys, and reports


3 - 6 months of teachers’ training, the intervention application process, follow-up procedures

2nd Diagnostic Applications

One month of surveys, comparative reports, determination of upcoming steps

Note: Schools/Districts can decide which steps they want to apply.

Teachers' Training

The Topics Preview

Our training is designed for school counselors and teachers which includes theories and practices below.

Introduction – Mentoring

Positive Psychology

Cognitive Development Theory

Social Comparison Theory

Self-Determination     Theory

Self-Esteem Theory

Objective Self-Awareness Theory

Bloom’s Taxonomy – Positive Psychology

Self-Regulation Theory

Evaluation – Certificate Program

Self-Regulation     Theory

Evaluation – Certificate Program

Leverage Your Data For Academic Success

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