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School years are the most important years because this is where students develop strengths and gain self-awareness. For this reason, he/she should spend this period as efficiently as possible in order to prepare himself/herself for the future. This can be achieved by improving behavioral self-awareness and consciousness during the educational period. All these processes can be achieved by offering students alternatives such as motivation to think about bettering their behavior and relations, succeeding academically, and improving their social performance.

This work will help you to reach the secrets of success mentioned above and will offer required infrastructure work. The following outputs are the concrete results that you will obtain.

  • How do you perceive yourself?
  • How are you perceived by others?
  • How are you perceived by your teachers?
  • What is your level in the classroom regarding your behaviors?
  • What kind of strengths do you have?
  • How can you benefit from the experiences of your teacher and counselor?
  • How can you benefit from your friends with the purpose of improving yourself?
  • How can you benefit from your immediate surroundings (family, relatives and circle of friends from the outside of school)?
  • You will be able to answer these questions better by yourself after doing this work.

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This website is presented to its users by accepting the following conditions. The conditions are valid once the user signs up and starts to use the system. All rights of contents and usage are reserved. Exclusive rights belong to Academic Window and the site owner. Unauthorized usage is prohibited by law.

Everyone who is able to use a computer and internet wants to help himself/herself, their friends, and their surroundings can sign up for Academic Window with the condition that they give exact information.

As well as having the opportunity to improve himself/herself by benefiting from the website, everyone has the chance to help others by transferring his/her observations and perceptions about them objectively.

You can contact us from the related section about any kind of problem, advice, offer or demands to be considered during usage.


Conditions of Membership
  1. A member confirms the accuracy of the given information during signing up to the website and accepts any results stemming from the possibility of wrong information in advance.
  2. For those who may get angry, stressed or face any kind of problem after seeing the results of others’ comments on him/her, it is important to not sign up for their health case. Academic Window does not take any responsibility for the membership of such registrations.
  3. A member takes every kind of the responsibility that may come from name, e-mail address and password provided by our website.
  4. A member does not have the right to give or transfer his/her username and password provided by our website.
  5. A member does not have the right to undertake an enterprise, represent or promise on the behalf of our website without any permission.
  6. Sharing of the personal information that will be used in our website belong to the person. It is not open to share by the website. However, right of usage of statistics and percentages of provided data belong to Academic Window.
  7. A member does not have the right to misuse the services offered by our website for attacking personal rights of others or affronting others, institutions or website.
  8. A member should be careful not to misevaluate others.
  9. Reports and results provided by our website should be taken as advice to person in order to give an opinion and raise the awareness. It should not be regarded as a hundred-percentage truth.
  10. Messages, writings and pictures are published in the part of “From You” if considered appropriate by Academic Window.
  11. After an objective situation analysis, our Website has the right to delete some of the accounts in the case of any complaints or warnings.
  12. Our Website has the right to send related warnings and announcements to members’ email addresses.
  13. Your personal data will not be used by others, but will be counted with the purpose of obtaining statistical data for academic researches.
  14. Members can sign up using any type of email addresses. Each member should sign up only once and should not reregister.
  15. In case any change occurs in the given information, the user must update this change in his/her profile.
  16. There is no need to work anywhere specific in order to sign up, but for the accuracy of statistical data, it is supposed to be signed up under the related group.
  17. Suggestions of members under the section of ‘my suggestions’ are required to be appropriate for universal values, other cultures and moral issues.
  18. Members do not have the right to attend all seminars and programs announced in the website directly. Each program and seminars has its own rules.
  19. Starting and finishing the membership depend on the request of the user.
  20. Members can learn others opinions about themselves by sending invitation from “invite” menu to the people they prefer.
  21. None of the evaluation of a member can be seen or questioned by others.
  22. By completing his/her registration, a member accepts all of these rules stated above in advance and must obey these rules.
  23. The required information is about personal information to provide security and confidentiality for students. This is to prevent false logins.


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