Free of charge full counseling services for middle and high schools!

Dear Superintendent/Principal/Counselor,

Partner with us in a scientific research study for the emotional well-being of all your middle and high school students.

We believe, based on international data, that Academic Window’s Student Behavior Assessment Tool is the gold standard in web-based, student-centered programming that provides students, teachers, and guidance counselors with information about a student’s emotional well-being. It provides consistent, data-driven follow-up. Its content design and technological platform provides confidential collaboration among students, counselors, and teachers with the goal of improving a students’ personal growth and academic performance. We have integrated the SWOT model to help students become more self-aware and to learn how they are perceived by their peers and teachers.

Academic Window is looking for a district to partner with to collect scientific data and provide student centered support to for the 2021/2022 school year.

Application deadline: 9/30/2021

School districts that meet the following eligibility requirements will be considered:
  • The district must be willing to partner with Academic Window in scientific data collection
  • Districts that have middle and high schools in the US are eligible to apply (disregarding the number of students or size)
  • Each building that participates must have a guidance counselor assigned to it
  • All middle and high schools from a district can participate

Note: the largest district that applies regarding the number of students will be selected.

  • Certificate for all counselors who participate
  • Identify potential social emotional strengths and concerns for participating students
  • Individual reports for each student
  • Class reports for each class
  • Student satisfaction reports for each class and school
  • Training for counselors to analyze reports and possible interventions (the training includes both theoretical and practical applications)
  • Access to all data collected and interpretations

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with Hasan Ugur through the email