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About Us

Academic Window is a platform where school counselors, teachers, students and parents find what they need to be successful both in school counseling and motivating themselves to improve. It uses the methodology developed by its founders. Scientifically it uses in its applications:

  • cognitive development theory,
  • social comparison theory,
  • self-determination theory,
  • self-regulation theory and
  • approaches and rules of positive psychology.

Academic Window is a web-based, student-centered program that provides a preventive form of counseling with follow-up. Its content design and technological platform permit confidential collaboration among students, counselors, and teachers with the goal of improving students’ personal growth and academic performance. It integrates the SWOT model (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to help students become more self-aware and to learn how they are perceived by their peers and teachers. In addition, teachers can come to know their students more objectively and fully, and can track changes in their academic, personal, and social development. Academic Window is a recent advancement in school counseling that has been recognized for its potential in the holistic education of students.

The overarching purpose of Academic Window is the facilitation of efficient and effective school counseling.  Its content design and technological platform permit confidential collaboration among students, counselors, and teachers with the goal of improving students’ academic performance and personal growth.

Why is it called Academic Window?

Being successful in effective and preventive school counseling requires not only using scientific approaches, but also looking at students’ behavior and their relationships from different perspectives. Academic Window uses scientific theories and approaches in its practical applications. It examines and analyzes students’ relations with their classmates, teachers and parents, confidentially offering students insights on how they are perceived by others.


Our mission is to develop students’ self-awareness and consciousness through an online collaborative learning environment platform. This includes all educational participants and provides schools with a tool to use for performing effective school counseling.


To motivate school counselors, students and their classmates, teachers, and parents to collaborate together by using Academic Window. Thus, creating a more effective school counseling environment.


The idea behind Academic Window was started in 1997 by secondary school counselor Dr. Hasan Ugur. He focused primarily on how a student could be understood well and how his or her situation in school could be explained objectively to the parents, since most of the time, teachers were reporting differently on the same student. He continued to focus on this idea and project during his doctorate. He performed research and implemented applications in many different countries.

After he finished his PhD, he started as a professor in a counseling department and worked with his colleagues, as well as Master and PhD students. He conducted his early research independently. Then, he went to University of Northern Iowa as a visiting professor to develop and test application of the project at the university, secondary and high school levels. After he returned, he started to apply his project all over the world. Recently, it was implemented in areas of Germany, Lithuania, Poland, India, Nigeria, Tanzania, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Philippine, and Indonesia.

Academic Window’s innovative process started with experiments with Excel files. To maintain confidentially, it was believed that a computer based program should be produced as soon as possible. Through the advancement of technology, an online web-based program was developed and it was called “Academic Window”.

Along the way there have been many research collaborations and articles have been written and published in collaboration with Radhi Al-Mabuk, Michael J. Stevens, Petru-Madalin Constantinescu, Jannet Miller, Laurie Hellsten, Hou Chun Kuong, Betsy Kg, Aikaterini Michou, Athanasios Mouratidis, Lauren Usher and Heather Henderson, Ulku Tosun and others.

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